Every 808 Organics Bag is built to make meal planning and prepping easier

Individual- Usually comes with lettuce, kale, and avocados with other seasonal fruit and vegetables like broccoli, radishes, citrus, and mango. Good for 1-2 people, $28 per box

Family- A larger version of the individual box that usually includes lettuce, kale, and avocados. Will also have in-season fruits and vegetables. Good for 2-3 people, $38 per box

Fruit (seasonal)- May include bananas, papayas, mango, lychee, various citrus, and other seasonal items. $28 per box

Greens- Usually includes cooking greens, avocados, and leafy greens. May also have cabbage, fresh herbs, and other seasonal green/salad items. $26 per box

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